“LITTLE 5 POINTS ATLANTA” website, dedicated store pages on the web and mobile site become a digital manifestation of physical stores. “Little 5 Points Atlanta” can provide retailer-specific content for your store page including logos, store description, hours, location, social feeds, web address, job information, and more. “Little 5 Points Atlanta” is the foundation of your digital presence - and informative, engaging content is integral in successfully converting online visitors to on-premise traffic. As shoppers seamlessly blend digital services into the real-world shopping experience, it is crucial for retailers to provide digital content that gives shoppers the information and expertise they seek.

Engage shoppers online. Drive sales on premise.

Our online content, promotional programs, and diverse shopper touchpoints result in more shopper engagements per year. We design and implement a highly engaging, data-driven shopping experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, delivering the content your shoppers seek when they want it on the device of their choosing.

“Little 5 Points Atlanta” provides the infrastructure, platform, and tools to create a custom and dynamic digital experience for your shoppers. Our cloud-based responsive website includes retailer and editorial content designed to increase SEO, engage shoppers, and drive foot traffic. “Little 5 Points Atlanta” understands that a website alone is not enough. In order to truly engage shoppers, “Little 5 Points Atlanta” has integrated a broad set of digital services to meet the needs of today’s modern shopping center.

•Marketing - Integrated marketing platform

•Media - Direct Display and Social Media Advertising

•Promotions - Sales

•Content - Retailer content and trends-based editorial

•Location-Based Services - local listing services

•Integrated Messaging - Email Services

Engage shoppers online. Drive sales in-store.


“Little 5 Points Atlanta” advertising puts you top-of-mind with shoppers during prime shopping seasons and holidays. “Little 5 Points Atlanta” enables you to systematically run ads on the website that your shoppers are currently browsing on their desktop or mobile devices. These ads can promote sales and special promotions, events, or special appearances, drawing focus and shoppers’ incentive to your property and stimulating foot traffic.

The key to successful digital advertising is to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. “Little 5 Points Atlanta” leverages its first-party shopper data insights to optimize your media buy.

Engage shoppers online. Drive sales in-store.


“Little 5 Points Atlanta” delivers retailer and editorial content to users across multiple platforms, designed to turn browsing into buying. Editorial content includes articles and videos, posted weekly, educate shoppers on relevant trends in women’s and men’s style, beauty, entertainment, home decor and seasonal events. Our Editorial Content enhances your shoppers’ online experience - educating and inspiring them with the season’s hottest trends as they plan their trip to your store.

Engage shoppers online. Drive sales on premise.

“Little 5 Points Atlanta” - Local Listing Services ensures the information about your store is always current and accurate across all major search and map providers like Google, Bing, and Apple Maps. Analyze your store’s reach across these various platforms to understand the impact of your data and utilize this information for targeted marketing and advertising programs.


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